Why dScribe

All your data knowledge in one place

dScribe brings all your people and knowledge together in one streamlined platform for effortless collaboration around data.

Built to help

a no-nonsense data documentation solution that really works

Built to empower

bringing together data users across the organization

Built to last

offering powerful capabilities to reduce upkeep and ensure continued usefulness

A solution aimed to empower

Create an inventory of data assets across sources and stay on course with consistent, organization-wide documentation. dScribe enables you to automate documentation & labeling, customize search filters, and benefit from more comprehensive data knowledge from day 1.

Streamlined asset discovery from any BI or data source

Personalized recommendations

Zero-code automations engine

Documentation embedded directly into your reporting tools


A journey that starts small

In the data wilderness, dScribe adapts — starting within a single business unit, we can gradually expand to suit the scale of your data adventure. Our swift setup and out-of-the-box integrations allow you to start small and scale fast, eliminating the doubts and delays associated with needlessly complex data initiatives.

Swift Setup, Rapid Results:

Up and running in under a week

Expert guidance and quick-start templates

Unlimited user licenses at zero extra cost