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Harmonized KPI reporting at Barry Callebaut

Read about how Barry Callebaut introduced unified KPI definitions and crystal-clear reporting for its management

Barry Callebaut is a Belgian-Swiss cocoa processor and chocolate manufacturer. Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut and French chocolate company Cacao Barry merged in 1996 to form Barry Callebaut and since then the group has steadily acquired other brands in order to become one of the top players in its field.


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When growing through acquisition - and especially in a multinational context - it is paramount to ensure that everybody in the company understands the corporate goals and KPIs. Because all too often, KPIs were distributed in spreadsheets, text documents or even slide decks, Barry Callebaut decided to introduce a way of working in which KPI knowledge could be centrally managed and would be easily accessible to all.

dScribe was deployed in context of the strategic EPM initiative started by the C-level at Barry Callebaut. delaware was selected as implementation partner in part because of their proposal to work via dScribe, which not only allowed Barry Callebaut to document and govern the harmonized KPIs but also maintain the links between KPIs and reports. All KPIs include links to the relevant SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) reports in which they can be analysed.

A major added value for the analytics team at Barry Callebaut is the automatic cataloguing of their SAP BW data warehouse datasets. Dependencies between SAC reports and BW datasets are automatically detected in dScribe, improving data reuse and troubleshooting.

Under guidance of the Global Data Governance Lead and the Global Analytics team, several hundred KPIs and data definitions and a few thousand reports have been documented in dScribe since the start of the project.

“Far too often, business and IT don’t speak the same language whereas they pursue the same corporate goal. At Barry Callebaut, dScribe became the bridge that connects data, business and IT.”

Charlotte Bayart

Delaware Senior Consultant, working for Barry Callebaut

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