Unlock the full potential of Tableau, understand and find your data in an efficient way.

Description of the connector

We systematically gather your Tableau metadata to provide a consolidated view of your sheets, workbooks, and dashboards, illustrating their lineage. Enhance the overall efficiency of your data-related tasks with our excellent search."

Connector highlights

dScribe browser plug-in

Are you tired of constantly switching between tools? Our browser plugin offers the perfect solution. Now, you can effortlessly access all the essential information about your report or datasource without ever leaving your Tableau environment. With just one click, gain a comprehensive understanding of the report, including its dataset lineage and validation status."

Lineage detection & impact analysis

Do you want to effortlessly identify the foundational datasources behind your report? Our user-friendly interface simplifies your analysis. Wondering about the potential impact of changing a datasource? Just connect with dScribe and uncover the insights you need.

Discoverable & clear

We provide comprehensive visibility into all your Tableau data assets, enhancing your data discoverability experience with a top notch search. Seamlessly navigate through filters to swiftly uncover the information you seek. Our platform not only makes assets discoverable but also augments them with valuable business context, ensuring a crystal-clear understanding of each asset's purpose.

Centralize source metadata

We gather comprehensive details about your Tableau assets, including their creation and modification history, along with synchronizing essential elements such as descriptions, certification flags, and source types, ensuring a thorough and up-to-date overview.

Setting up a Tableau connection with dScribe

dScribe integrates seamlessly with your Tableau environment. Activating the out-of-the-box connector is easy with our step-by-step documentation.