Get maximum value out of your SAP data warehouse by cataloging and documenting your queries and data models.

Description of the integration

This integration enables you to document queries and logic configurations within SAP BW, thereby transforming technical data into a user-friendly format. Not yet on SAP BW/4 HANA? No worries, we support SAP BW on HANA as well!


Expose BEx Queries

Don't get overwhelmed by technical details. Access BEx queries configured in dScribe in a user-friendly and organized manner, complete with filters, calculations, and free characteristics. If it still feels overwhelming, relax – we offer a simplified 'essential insights' view just for you!

Lineage detection

Making changes to a SAP BEx query? Easily identify the reports that will be affected. That includes BI dashboards from various systems like Power BI, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects (WebI).

Fast setup

A simple matter of importing our dScribe developed extractor in your SAP BW system.

Setting up a SAP BW integration with dScribe

Want to find out more? Book a call with our SAP BW expert to find out how you can try out dScribe on top of your own SAP BW environment.