SAP BusinessObjects

Whether you're documenting an active BO system or embarking on a migration journey to another reporting tool, dScribe is the perfect solution.

Description of the connector

We provide a powerful SAP Business Objects connector that effortlessly extracts data from your reports and universes. Moreover, our solution offers extensive lineage information spanning various SAP systems, including BW and HANA, facilitating insightful analyses with ease. We support both a regular synchronization for an active Business Objects platform and a seamless transition to an alternative reporting tool during migration. With dScribe, there's no pressure for an overnight migration; we empower you to gradually phase out Business Objects at your preferred pace, ensuring a smooth transition."

Connector highlights

Migration trajectory

Managing a migration trajectory can be quite challenging. However, with the assistance of dScribe, you can ensure that your users effortlessly locate the precise reports they require. Once you've successfully transitioned your reports to the new platform, dScribe serves as your central access point, guaranteeing that users easily access the information they need.

Lineage detection

When conducting an impact analysis, you've come to the right place. You can effortlessly identify your connections to various reports, including universes and BEx queries. This capability empowers you to trace your report's journey all the way back to its source.

Setting up a SAP Business Objects connection with dScribe

Setting up the SAP BO connector is quick and easy. Our documentation can guide you through it step by step.