SAP Analytics Cloud

Simplify your understanding and discoverability of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) reports and models.

Description of the connector

Do you often find yourself lost in the labyrinth of SAC's extensive folder structure? Put an end to time wasted searching and connect with dScribe. We gather all your reports and ensure easy discoverability through a powerful search tool.

Connector highlights

dScribe browser plug-in

Tired of constantly switching between tools? Look no further than our browser plugin – your one-stop solution. With just one click, you can access all the essential information about your report without leaving your SAC environment. Instantly understand the report, including its underlying models (lineage) and validation status.

Lineage detection

Do you want to effortlessly discover the models behind your report? Our user-friendly interface makes the analysis a breeze. Curious about the potential impact of changing a model? Simply connect with dScribe and find the answers you need.

Centralize source metadata

We consolidate all your asset information onto a single page. Open a report and easily discover details like its creator, modification history, and its precise folder location.

Discoverable & clear

We unveil all your reports and enhance them with a robust search experience. Effortlessly navigate through filters to gather the specific knowledge you seek. Beyond just discoverability, we enrich the reports with essential business insights, making it crystal clear what each report is all about.

Setting up a SAC connection with dScribe

dScribe integrates seamlessly with your SAC environment. Activating the out-of-the-box connector is easy with our step-by-step documentation.