Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce to efficiently organize, validate, and gain comprehensive insights into your reports and dashboards.

Description of the connector

Do you find it challenging to navigate the extensive list of Salesforce reports? Say goodbye to that struggle with dScribe. Now, you can effortlessly search through your reports, prioritize validation for critical ones, and document the key performance indicators (KPIs) they contain. Elevate your sales performance by seamlessly sharing knowledge.

Connector highlights

dScribe browser plug-in

Our browser plugin includes seamless Salesforce integration, ensuring your users can access relevant dScribe documentation without switching interfaces. Efficiency is at the heart of what we do.

Discoverable & clear

Do you struggle with a multitude of unstructured reports that lack coherence? At dScribe, we specialize in organizing your Salesforce reports, making it effortless for users to locate and comprehend validated reports with ease.

Support for CRM analytics

At dScribe, we go above and beyond. We don't just help you find your typical Salesforce reports, we also gather your CRM analytics. All conveniently accessible in one centralized location.

Centralize source metadata

We gather comprehensive information about your Salesforce asset, including creation and modification details, such as who made changes and when.

Beta release

We are launching our new Salesforce connector. Want to take our brand new Salesforce connector for a spin while helping us to improve? Get your tenant now and benefit from 100 days free access to dScribe.