Power BI

Connect to Power BI and unlock its full potential. Boost your efficiency.

Description of the connector

Our Power BI connector helps you to boost your efficiency. Find your relevant reports, validate your datasets & make your assets understandable for all users. We collect all your reports, dataset & columns (DAX formulas included).

Connector highlights

The dScribe browser plug-in

Tired of switching tools? Our browser plugin is your solution, directly get all necessary information about your report without leaving your Power BI environment. One click away to understand the report, which datasets it is using (lineage) and if it has been validated.

Lineage detection

Our system automatically catalogs the lineage, allowing you to trace the complete journey from the App to the dataset. This information is presented through a user-friendly interface that provides clear guidance every step of the way.

Centralize source metadata

We gather comprehensive information about your Power BI asset, including creation and modification details, such as who made changes and when. But our capabilities don't end there, we also seamlessly synchronize your asset's description and workspace.

Columns disclosed

We collect all the columns in each dataset, including their data types. Additionally, we capture your DAX expressions, allowing you to provide clear explanations in dScribe to help clarify the meaning of your dimensions and measures.

Setting up a Power BI connection with dScribe

dScribe integrates seamlessly with your Power BI environment. Activating the out-of-the-box connector is easy with our step-by-step documentation.