TriFinance enters partnership with innovative Belgian Data knowledge provider dScribe

The combination of dScribe’s unique data knowledge solution and TriFinance’s reporting expertise drives a company's data strategy execution

  • dScribe helps TriFinance customers accelerate adoption, usage and governance of their analytics solution

  • The partnership fits the TriFinance strategy to further develop their data & analytics offering

  • dScribe serves mid-to-large organizations in need of better data documentation and discovery

data catalog as a centralized and searchable repository for an organization's data assets.

[Ghent, 12.10.2023] TriFinance has recently entered into a partnership with dScribe, an innovative data catalog solution provider headquartered in Ghent. A data catalog, in essence, serves as a centralized and searchable repository for an organization's data assets.

"During analytics projects," Maarten Lauwaert, Expert Practice Leader at TriFinance says, "we often witness discussions on the definition and management of KPIs. At the start of a project, people create Excel files containing KPI definitions, but forget to update them after the go-live. dScribe helps business users to locate the right data and reports, and manage KPI definitions.”

For TriFinance, implementing dScribe at clients is a way to strengthen their position as a business partner, enhancing their business acumen and analytics expertise.

One Stop Data Shop

dScribe is a one-stop-shop to catalog, document and discover anything data-related. The solution is cloud-based, integrates with different reporting solutions (including Power BI and Azure Analytics) and gives the users a single entry point to find, understand and access all reports & data, no matter where they are stored.

Moreover, KPIs and business knowledge can be defined in dScribe and are linked to the reports where they are available. Business users will always have insight in the correct KPI definitions, and in the parts of the reporting environment where these KPIs are being used. “For our customers, dScribe is a big first step in better governing their reporting environment,” Maarten Lauwaert says.

dScribe: a Collaborative Data Compass

Pieter Delaere, CEO at dScribe: “Employees who have access to meaningful data are best equipped to drive their organizations forward. Despite substantial investments in data and analytics, many organizations still grapple with the transition to widespread data-driven decision-making and innovation. Often, the root of this challenge is a lack of accessibility and comprehension of the available data and reports. We're on a mission to bring data front and center for every curious mind eager to drive their organization forward. For that reason, we call our solution a ‘Collaborative Data Compass’."

"Business users often struggle to locate the right reports and KPIs," says Maarten Lauwaert. "Their understanding of the full analytics solution is not always clear. Checking a report without knowing the exact definitions of the KPIs slows down the adoption of the analytics solution. That's why our partnership with dScribe, offering a business-oriented and affordable data catalog solution that integrates well with Microsoft Analytics, excites us. We believe that this solution will help our customers to accelerate the adoption, usage and governance of their analytics solution."

“We believe that this solution will help our customers to accelerate the adoption, usage and governance of their analytics solution."

Maarten Lauwaert, Expert Practice Leader Data & Analytics, TriFinance

About TriFinance and dScribe

About dScribe

Founded in Belgium in 2021, dScribe is dedicated to guiding organizations toward data-driven brilliance. The team is passionate about empowering employees with more streamlined access to meaningful reports and data. They believe their customers deserve an elegantly designed, user-focused data knowledge solution. Leveraging a proven and continuously refined metadata management framework, along with out-of-the-box integrations, dScribe promises increased data clarity and adoption from day one.

About TriFinance

TriFinance is an innovative service provider with a focus on Finance & Advisory in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. Combining transition and support, pragmatic advisory and implementation, people solutions, and training, the company offers a new combination of services, backed by a permanent pool of highly specialized and flexibly deployable project consultants.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, TriFinance has branches in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Hasselt, Louvain-la-Neuve, Roeselare, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Luxembourg. As a network organization with a strong focus on human development, knowledge sharing, innovation, and organizational development, it belongs to Parklane Insight, a European growth company with 800+ MeIncers. Its mission is "Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How.”


Maarten Lauwaert, Expert Practice Leader Data & Analytics, TriFinance:

Pieter Delaere, Co-founder & CEO dScribe: