dScribe raises €1.5M seed round for international expansion

We secured a 1.5 million Euro seed round to fuel our European expansion plans and help more businesses reach data clarity!

In the press:

dScribe, a B2B SaaS company that focuses on giving companies an overview of their data and reports has successfully raised a 1.5 million Euro seed round.

The round is led by the Flemish Investment company PMV and Angelwise together with the founding shareholders imec.istart and Ventures by delaware. With the newly raised funds, dScribe aims to expand its client portfolio in Belgium and abroad.

dScribe was founded in 2021. The company wants to answer a common corporate issue, which is an ever-growing sprawl of data and reports across departments and software applications. The goal of digitalization whereby data-driven decision making is key stands in stark contrast to the reality in the field where people document locally and often in Excel. To make matters worse data or KPIs are often interpreted differently across departments. The lack of data-uniformity leads to inefficient use of data and wrong decisions. Many companies don’t even know how much data and reports they have, let alone where to find them.

A well-designed answer to a concrete need

dScribe offers an easily interpretable answer to the above-mentioned challenges. Whereas competitors focus on security, managing or controlling data, the team of CEO Pieter Delaere aims for efficient data usage. This is based on the founders’ own experience whereby finding and interpreting data correctly was a constant challenge. Through a central search experience, dScribe allows users to search through data sources such as Tableau, SAP or PowerBI. dScribe’s main differentiator is the ease with which the solution can be rolled out throughout the whole client’s organization.

Pieter Delaere: “Whether reports and data or their documentation are all too often spread out across an organization. This leads to time loss and frustration when employees search for relevant reports or datasets. This is where dScribe wants to bring an answer. Our focus on ease-of-use allows, next to large enterprises, smaller and medium-sized companies to equally strive for efficient data use. These organizations are playing catch-up and present the fastest growing segment in the data discovery market.

When thinking of user adoption, we want to be the iPhone in the land of Blackberries.”

“We see a concrete need for the dScribe solution among most companies that put data at the centre of their decision-making processes. For them, dScribe offers a low-threshold solution with high usability that is at the same time sufficiently powerful for data administrators. With the current funding, we see dScribe growing faster, and especially further internationalisation,” says Jan Vorstermans, Managing Partner at Angelwise.

Change management

With clients such as Barry Callebaut, De Watergroep, Joris Ide and Agristo, dScribe already has a proven track record. The experienced team, positive reactions from the clients and the potential of a fast-growing market – the data discovery market is expected to reach 20 to 30 billion USD by end 2023 – convinced PMV and Angelwise to invest in dScribe.

“dScribe fills a void left by other players by offering an adequate all-round solution for all employees of a company. Based on their personal experience in the field, the founders have focused on the end-user right from the start. This has led to a product with an easy user interface and impeccable user experience, which has led to a great roster of clients of which PMV is convinced many more will follow”, according to Roald Borré, Group Manager venture Capital at PMV.

A word from the founders: we're ready for you!

We started dScribe with a clear goal: to help organizations reach data clarity faster. We've been going after it for a while now. Since our start, we've succeeded in building a strong solution, brought together an exceptional team and secured our seed funding round. All of this gives us the resources to help more companies succeed with data.

If you you're not a customer yet, but think you could benefit from more effortless data discovery and more effective data documentation, don't hesitate. Reach out, we are here to help.