About us

We believe that people, empowered by meaningful data, will be the driving force behind the biggest innovations of the future

Our story

Founded in Belgium in 2021, we're a dynamic team of data and analytics experts dedicated to helping organisations leap forward toward data-driven brilliance. We're passionate about empowering users with more streamlined access to impactful data and believe our customers deserve an elegantly designed, user-centered data knowledge solution.

Leveraging a proven and continuously refined metadata management framework, we offer you an effective way to catapult your organization to the next level of data maturity. Leverage the out-of-the-box framework and integrations to add value from day one.  Learn, enhance and let dScribe guide you with a solution that matches your growing needs.

Join us to conquer the mountain of data ambiguity

We want to give data-driven companies a competitive edge by enabling easy data discovery through an intuitive collaborative platform that connects every business user to the right data.

Acting boldly

We aim to reshape the world of data. Shooting for the stars will always be a part of who we are. We take on difficult challenges and strive for excellence beyond expectations.

Empowering each other

Strong individuals, closely collaborating, can achieve great things. We consider success a shared responsibility, action an independent one. We share knowledge openly and welcome feedback from every origin.

Always curious

The world of data evolves fast, and so do we. We've made continuous learning our mantra. We embrace change, ensuring our platform is always at the cutting edge.

Nice to meet you!

Discover our strengths, values and quirks

"A framework for success"

Pieter Delaere

Co-founder & CEO

Pragmatic, people person, generalist

"Pushing the boundaries of possibility"

Rayane Silva


Resilient, observant, mediator

"Thinking big, starting small"

Simon Temmerman

Co-founder & CTO

Visionary, idealist, enthusiast

"Leveraging data, enabling people"

Bart Van Peteghem

Co-founder & CCO

Experienced, eye for detail, coach

"dScribing the dream"

Brecht Arnou

Co-founder & Principal developer

Ambitious, curious, tech geek

"Navigating the jungle"

Tim van Dijck

Full stack developer

Analytic, funny, elastic

"Making insights shine"

Alex Makdis

Front-end developer

Suave, virtuoso, eye for design

"Making a positive impact"

Iryna Lysenko

Front-end developer

Friendly, adventurous, nature-loving

"Conquering new data horizons"

Daan Van Vooren

Full stack developer

Thorough, passionate, sporty

"If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing it by the rules"

Wassel Amari

Product design & marketing

Out of the box, foodie, creative


Lea and Polly


Enthusiastic, energetic, cuddly


Devoted to passionate work and serious play

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