Reach data clarity faster, unite your definitions, reports and data.

Welcome to the most intuitive data documentation solution on the planet!

Data Discovery

Streamline search and access to reports and data, wherever they're stored

Data Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration across the organisation and cultivate a shared data knowledge culture

Data Knowledge

Streamline documentation and share data definitions, boosting confidence in data

Data discovery, like never before

Gather all your reports and knowledge in one place and get access to a powerful search experience, personalized suggestions, and advanced collaboration capabilities on top. dScribe users navigate the hassle of searching for reports, data and knowledge with ease.

Effortlessly find the reports and data you seek, save time and eliminate the frustration typically associated with being lost in the data jungle.

Unlock your data knowledge

Explore. Collaborate. Use.

Unified Data, People and Knowledge

Establish a central, collaborative environment for exploring, understanding and accessing reports, datasets, definitions and more.

Endless Exploration

Never let a good dataset go to waste! A global search bar, ecommerce-like browsing, graph-based exploration, personal recommendations... All at your fingertips to help you discover the content most valuable to you.

Effortless Collaboration

Enable your teams to collaborate effectively in identifying useful data, documenting BI reports and harmonizing data definitions. Eliminate blind spots and foster a ‘we-centric’ culture of shared knowledge.

Automated Inventorization

Don’t waste time starting from scratch. Leverage source integrations and generative AI to make reports and data meaningful for your colleagues, with a lot less effort.


About us

Founded in Belgium in 2021, dScribe is dedicated to guiding organizations toward data-driven brilliance. We’re passionate about empowering employees with more streamlined access to impactful data. We believe your users deserve an elegantly designed and effective data knowledge solution.

Leveraging a proven and continuously refined metadata management framework, along with out-of-the-box integrations, we promise you increased data adoption from day one.

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